Why You Need SEO Services

Did you know that 85% of people using search to find what they are looking for never venture past the first page of the search results? What this means is if your website does not appear on the first page of the search results 85% of the people will never see your website or the […]

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SEO Services Nebraska

Do you need SEO

Do you really need SEO services? To be honest you may not. What really drives and depends on if you need SEO is if the service is cost effective for you. Are you on the first page of the major search engines with out SEO? Have you done any keyword research to see how much traffic […]

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Affordable SEO Lincoln NE

SEO Lincoln Nebraska

Ok so I have been trying to avoid writing this post for a little while now. Unfortunately, it is time to bring this up. If you search for SEO services Lincoln NE or something similar there are a few companies that are using this keyword in paid sear results. While this is what the paid […]

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SEO is Dead

I’m sure you have heard this, and if not you probably will soon. While in some ways this is very true old SEO is dead however, in most ways this is not the case at all. I think a better description is SEO has changed. No longer can you just sprinkle links out there on the […]

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Importance of good content

When someone visits your site, it may be the initial impression they will have of you or your company. However, if your site’s duplicate writing is poor, it may be their only impression. Many organizations or companies, when setting out to produce a website, will spend the majority of their time and money on a […]

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Why Images are so important

Images can be one of the strongest draws to a web site. As people, our strongest psychological responses – both negative and positive – result from visual cues. That’s the key reason why the old adage, “An image is worth one thousand words,” has greater than a ring of reality to it. When you’re flipping […]

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5 tips for better home pages

If your website may be the center point of one’s marketing strategies, in that case your homepage may be the lobby of one’s business. Your site homepage determines whether a consumer will stay to connect to your brand or company more or will they depart you higher and dry? Here are a few actions you […]

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SEO Myths

The biggest challenge for SEO today is the lack of clarity. Search engines keep their algorithms very protected, this makes SEO a game of best practices anymore. You can always test and see what works best with your own website but, in reality it is getting tougher and tougher for a normal person to have […]

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Simple SEO Tips

So let’s start with what exactly is SEO? And do websites really need it? Well let us start with part one. True SEO is not just providing backlinks to your webpage. There has to be an optimization made to your website as well. From checking content to adding alt tags on images you need to […]

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seo speed optimization

Website Speed

Well if you ask me it is a huge factor today, maybe even more so then in the past. While most people have a faster internet speed while at home or in the office, that is not where the majority of search comes from anymore. With the invention of smartphones and the added abilities of […]

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