SEO is Dead


I’m sure you have heard this, and if not you probably will soon. While in some ways this is very true old SEO is dead however, in most ways this is not the case at all. I think a better description is SEO has changed. No longer can you just sprinkle links out there on the web and get rankings. No longer are you able to write thin content and still get to the top of the search results.

In today’s SEO world there are multiple factors to getting to the top. From on page content all the way to links and social media. The SEO is Dead revolution really got a big start when Richard Hoy in 1997 claimed search was dead and everyone just use meta tags and forget about the sites. When in fact the face of SEO was just evolving as it always does.

Anytime one of the search engines makes an adjustment to the way they are ranking sites things change, it is just the nature of life. I have one client who uses another local SEO company to try and rank a similar site to one of them that I do for them. My site is in the top three for every keyword they are looking to target and number one for about half of them. The other local company was right there on the first page for a while then Google made an update and things changed quickly. The site we run claimed a few more number 1 rankings but did not drop any of the others.

When asked about why he was dropping in the rankings the excuse given was there must be a virus. I kind of chuckled when I heard that one as he has complete control of the website, he has the server, the FTP, everything. If there is a virus then he should be getting it off of the website. But, in reality it was  just another Google update that penalized him for the quality of content that was put on the site and where he was getting his links.

I can see down the road this will be another person claiming SEO is dead. When in reality if you hire a good SEO company in the first place then SEO is never dead, it just changes the way we have to go about things to get the clients where they need to be.

Maybe someday it will actually die. But, until then make sure you do research and get referrals from the company you are thinking about spending a lot of money with.

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