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SEO Lincoln Nebraska

Ok so I have been trying to avoid writing this post for a little while now. Unfortunately, it is time to bring this up. If you search for SEO services Lincoln NE or something similar there are a few companies that are using this keyword in paid sear results. While this is what the paid search is for, it tells you something about the SEO services you will get with some of these companies. Lincoln is not a big town yet there are plenty of companies around that do internet marketing for you. I will tell you right away i do not see anything wrong with these companies and I am sure anyone of them can help you get the traffic results you are wanting from your website. I am referring to the paid results that show up in search results. I see multiple  companies up there advertising 99$ SEO services. I’m sorry to tell you that anyone offering this is not going to do a good job for you. More then likely they are going to run your site through an SEO program and spam your links out all over the internet. With the advancement of Google and the way they are building search algorithms these days it will do more harm then good in the long run. While you may initially rank well eventually Google will catch on and drop your site like a rock in the rankings.

To truly build a good SEO plan there has to be so much more then just links.

A legitimate SEO company is going to work on your website along with offsite SEO. They will have a proven track record with a list of clients you can speak with, not just some we did this or this.

They are going to pour over every word of your content and let you know what will work and what will not. Some of them like Missing Link will even do this on site optimization for you.

If you have any questions on if you are getting good SEO Services or not I would suggest to sign up for Google Webmaster tools. You will get a better sense of what is actually going on with your website and what your SEO company is or is not doing for you.

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