SEO Myths

seo-mythsThe biggest challenge for SEO today is the lack of clarity. Search engines keep their algorithms very protected, this makes SEO a game of best practices anymore. You can always test and see what works best with your own website but, in reality it is getting tougher and tougher for a normal person to have success.

Add this to the fact that the search engines are always tweaking their algorithms, and the result can be maddening at times. Top that off with all of the information out there that gets published that really is not factual and you end up with complete confusion. Some myths about SEO have always been around, however we are going to try and decipher some of the newer myths floating around out there.

New SEO Myths

  •  Guest Posting is Bad: This is one of the newest myths out there, and it was spawned by Matt Cutts in a post called “The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO”. In this posts he discussed all of the ways people are abusing this to obtain backlinks to their sites. He even said “stick a fork in it”.But, you can’t look at all guest posting as being bad. While you may not get the usual link juice from the post there is still added value to guest posting. One of the biggest is getting new readers and followers for your blog.
  • Social Media Trends Drive SEO: This has actually been popular for a while now, and you always see new pages about how social media is the new SEO. Unfortunately this is just more hogwash. While there are many reasons to use social media, do not do it just cause you believe it will drive up your search engine rankings.
    Google’s Matt Cutts: Are pages from social sites ranked differently?
    The Totally Mathematical Reason Social Matters to SEO
  • Backlinks: Well no easy way to put this backlinks are still a very powerful tool in getting a website to rank well. Until there is a better way to really judge the quality of a site they are going to be around. After all A good website will get linked to a lot due to people wanting to share what the authors have to say.
  • Google is broken: This is one of my favorite ones right here. In fact Google is not broken they have just gotten a little to harsh for some of the smaller guys out there. Fact is most people who say Google is broken probably used some shady SEO methods for their websites and are feeling the wrath of not playing nice.
  • Author Rank: Back in 2011 Google announced this tool. And while it does seem like it would be a ranking factor. The fact is it just ties into your Google profile and gives Google a way to keep track of what websites
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