Simple SEO Tips

So let’s start with what exactly is SEO? And do websites really need it?

Well let us start with part one. True SEO is not just providing backlinks to your webpage. There has to be an optimization made to your website as well. From checking content to adding alt tags on images you need to optimize all of it. By doing these things to your website it ensures that you meet the guidelines to show up high in search results.

Part two, simple answer is yes. The reason for this is due to everyone has a website anymore. So in order to get to the top of the rankings for your niche you really need to have an on going optimization plan. With out it your website may never rank to begin with.

First thing is first. Optimize all of your social media accounts. Your accounts need to be as descriptive as they possibly can. You should use your keywords in your description that describes your business and also terms people will search for to find the products or services you have to offer.

Step two, Optimize your social media content. what we mean by this is if you are posting something about your business make sure you use your keywords along with your companies name. This helps search engines associate those keywords to your business.

Step three, build links. The best way to build links is to write content people actually want to share. The more sites linking to your content the more authority the search engines will give you in your niche.
Don’t go out and just put links everywhere on the web though. Most of the time those links do not really help you at all, and at times they can actually hurt you. If you write good content people will find you and share your content.

Step four, create a Google+ page. Nothing makes Google happier than seeing content from their own system. in reality you should spend about 15 minutes a day on G+. Between your plus page and your companies G+ page it really will go by fast. use this to engage people in your niche, add them to your circles and add content to your profiles.

Things to avoid like the plague:

Not making your social accounts public. What is the point of having them if people can’t find them?

Create a Facebook profile instead of a page. For whatever reason profiles seem to rank higher with search engines then pages do.

Make sure you customize your Facebook profile. Not doing this can really hurt your rankings. I have found it best to either use your company name or keywords if you can.

If something appears to be to fast and easy to do then it normally is. SEO is not a set and forget option on websites it is something that has to be constantly worked on and continually monitored. Things can go south really quick if you are not paying attention to what is going on.

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