Why You Need SEO Services

reasons-to-buy-seoDid you know that 85% of people using search to find what they are looking for never venture past the first page of the search results? What this means is if your website does not appear on the first page of the search results 85% of the people will never see your website or the services you have to offer. Most companies that are serious about being successful already know this and either are using SEO or trying to find a reputable SEO company. This makes SEO services, possibly the most important source of marketing for your company.

Search Engine Optimization can be confusing and most of the time is used wrongly by many companies as a catch all phrase for all inbound marketing. This is due to the fact that SEO for business is complicated and very confusing to most people. But here is the thing, you do not need to be an SEO expert to choose an SEO company.

To get you started here are a few facts that hopefully will help you make an informed decision.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

Simply put SEO is natural search results (I.E. you show up on the first page for your market terms) PPC is paid search results that show up at the top of search results or on the side of the search results.

Now paid search sounds like a wonderful thing. But here is the problem 82% of all traffic comes from natural search results, not paid search. The main reason for this is through the years there has been so many ads thrown our way we have developed what is know as ad blindness. (More on that here.) Not to mention some keywords are so competitive that they will cost you 20$ and more per click. Now look at the normal conversion ratio of around 10% that really is not very cost effective advertising.

So if SEO is not PPC, then what is SEO exactly?

SEO is everything your web designer and SEO expert will do to your website to help you rank higher for your niche in the major search engines. We start with expansive keyword research to come up with a list of keywords that you need to target with your website and content. Using these keywords we begin to optimize the back end of your website by changing tags alt tags headings and things of this nature to help you improve in the rankings. We incorporate the new keywords in your existing content if possible and if not
we create new pages to target the keywords we want to see results for.

Ranking for your business name is not SEO!

While many ma and pa shops will tell you this is SEO, we firmly believe it is not SEO. After all if people are already searching for your business name they know who you are. The target for quality SEO services is to gain you new clients who never knew you existed before while making it easier for returning clients to find you.

SEO is not just about keywords on your site either.

While this method used to work great back in the beginning days of SEO, today something like that will get you in trouble. One of the biggest things that will help with SEO is having quality content. Just writing about the same thing over why-SEO-is-so-importantand over again really provides no value to your clients or potential clients. Believe it or not search engines have gotten smart enough to see through this. In the end they will label your site as thin content and you will end up on page 100 or so of the search results. The best thing I can tell you for creating quality content is to keep it fresh and engaging to your readers. You need to write about something you have a passion for, as it will show in your writing if you are just going through the motions.

Is SEO a one time deal?

Short answer is no. SEO is an on going thing if you want to remain relevant to the search results you need to keep your website fresh and up to date. Google actually rewards websites that are always updating with fresh content. The reward is better rankings in your niche.

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