The term Search Engine Optimization is normally associated with organic search engine optimization (also known as SEO). Not to be confused with Pay Per Click (PPC / Adwords). PPC listings. Organic SEO is a method of writing website content, web coding, linking and creating websites in a way that the search engines like and your readers can understand, as well. When done properly, search engines end up giving websites with correct SEO services a better website grade and end up ranking these sites higher than others in the same industry.

We believe, and so do many internet marketing experts, that correct SEO should be the main thing to concentrate on, when considering your internet marketing plans. And it’s getting tougher to do every day, as we must now also compete with social media and review websites, like Yelp, Facebook and others.

Missing Link is well known for our excellent SEO services work in the Lincoln area. In addition to doing SEO services for companies in Lincoln, Nebraska. We do white hat SEO work for multiple companies in Colorado on national campaigns.

Does a pretty website matter? Well not really, if no one can find it, if your websites not on the first page of search results it doesn’t exist.

Ideal for small companies marketing locally: Typical companies choosing this our SEO services are flower shops, auto repair, nursery schools, single crew service industry, local dental, lawyer and doctor offices. Typical search term might be ‘vacuum cleaner Lincoln NE,’ or ’Jewelry store Lincoln,’ or ‘Lincoln Dentist’ for example.’ By the way, our clients are in the top 3, page one placements for these terms on Google.

  • Key search terms consulting and reports
  • Content editing for search engine optimization
  • Meta tags, page titles and more good stuff.
  • G+ page setup
  • Google analytics setup
  • Reports, tweaking.
  • Ask about free website hosting for one year!

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