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It’s not just about SEO anymore! Since the three major search engines have started watching, evaluating and listing social media accounts, and ranking social media content in search results, social media has warped from a place full of personal connections, daily banter and online drama queens, to an affordable and realistic marketing place. Facebook alone has 854 million users and more people are joining all social networks every day. In order to reach the millions of users on social media, large and small companies are joining social media sites by the millions a day. Social media has become a very important part of online marketing and plays a major role in SEO as well. You can not ignore this and survive in today’s marketing world.

Full Service Managed Monthly Social Media Marketing Plan.
We do it all for you!

  • Setup and brand company Facebook Page
  • Setup and brand Twitter Page
  • Setup and brand LinkedIn company Page
  • Setup and brand Google Plus (G+) Page
  • Setup and brand Yelp page
  • Setup and brand Google Maps
  • Setup and brand Tumbler page
  • Plus 7 more social account setups
  • Two to three times weekly account content posting, activity and engagement. WE write and post content to your accounts. We engage with visitors for you.
  • Blog and coupon postings. We write and post 2 blogs per month.

Missing Link is a top Lincoln social media marketing company.

Jumping into the world of social media can be a huge task for companies big and small alike. We know you have a passion for what you do, but you do you know the best ways to engage your clients online?

That is where we can help, we can do the translating of social media trends for you.

We use social media strategies that actually work, and are not just another nameless voice in the dark. Our techniques generate leads, builds brand awareness, and improves communication with your clients.

So what is social media marketing?

Effective social media needs to be consistent and engaging. That is why we focus on growing your brands awareness, generating leads, and engaging consumers with your brand or business using tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, and multiple blogs.
Social Media Marketing really is not the opposite of traditional marketing. In reality the two work hand in hand, and we can show you how to accomplish this.

The average person spends 3 plus hours a day on Social Networking sites.

You need to be where your audience is.

Call or email us to find out how we can take you there.

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