web design in Lincoln NE

MissingLink is a complete web design company in Lincoln, Nebraska, Our goal is to help everyone from personal websites to large companies. All of our team knows the in and outs, of how to get the most from your web design ideas and goals.  One of the biggest things we have going for us is out attention to detail, and the accountability we provide for our clients, we take great pride in growing long lasting relationships all of our clients.

Web Design & Website Redesign

Let’s face it this is a big factor on how your visitors get their first impressions of your company. Have you ever seen those websites that just burn your eyes to look at them? Or they take so long to load you can go brew a pot of coffee before it is done? Now ask yourself this. What kind of impression is this giving to potential clients? That is where a good web design team comes in. We can help you avoid these pitfalls.

Sometimes everything looks really good on a website it has great content and really is just in need of a touch up. Either with modern graphics or a newer layout, to better optimize the web design to help with increasing conversions. MissingLink can help you with this as well.

Mobile Web Design

Mobile websites are really a thing of the past. With the advancement of mobile devices there really is no need for a scaled back streamlined version of your website. Instead we offer a responsive web design in everything we do. A responsive web design will scale down and fit on any screen, from a phone to a tablet.

The advantages of a responsive web design:

  • They cost less than a normal site and a mobile site combined.
  • Same look and feel on every device.
  • Mobile SEO is easier. You no longer have to worry about the same content on both sites and getting a penalty for it.
  • All the major search engines now recommend them.

eCommerce Web Design

We focus on making our eCommerce designs as easy for you to run as possible. While a lot of designers take everything you have and set it all up they overlook one major part, they are not always easy for a new admin to run. We have found a few solutions for this that we really like. We are confident that with a little training you will feel very comfortable being able to use your eCommerce website with ease. We build websites that include Fedex Integration, Paypal, Facebook Plugins, UPS, USPS and so much more!

WordPress, Joomla & CMS

We like Content Management Systems they are easy to use and provide all the functionality you would ever need from a website. WordPress is probably the easiest to use for a first time user. The flexibility of a WordPress site is in our opinion unmatched by any other CMS out there. However, we also work with Joomla, Drupal, E107, Geeklog and many more.

Web Hosting

We offer hosting to our clients with multiple tiers to choose from. We have 100% secure dedicated servers with a 99.9% uptime for our clients. Oh by the way we offer free basic hosting to our clients. Why is this? Simple, we know what it is like to have a website we know the pains that can come from hosting and transfers and the rest of the hoopla that goes with it. So we figure if you are our clients this is one more headache we can alleviate for you.