WordPress Designs Lincoln Nebraska

We love to work with WordPress through the years this has become the best framework to build a website with.

  • All of our WordPress designs are built with mobile in mind.
    After all nearly 60% of all search is done with a mobile device and this number just keep climbing every day. This is why we make all of our WordPress designs responsive. So what does a responsive site mean to you? In short your website will look the same on a cellphone as it would a tablet and the same as it would with a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Search Engine Friendly
    Our WordPress designs help your website or blog with increase in the major search engines with rankings. And every single design we build is SEO friendly.
  • These are easy for you to use as well
    This is a major bonus for you. To be able to manage your own website without having to know HTML or PHP is a great benefit to the end user. In short if you can use Word you can use WordPress.

Why do we choose WordPress for our CMS?

The end results are priceless the ability to modify things in WordPress compared to some of the other CMS out there is one of the main reasons. Another great reason is the community that develops WordPress is great. They are on top of things when it comes to security and just the over all improvement of the CMS. WordPress has a great community of developers as well and there is normally a plugin for almost anything you would like for your website to do.
Over 25 million people have chosen WordPress for these very reasons, including The New York Times, CNN, Mtv News, The Wall Street Journal just to name a few.