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Internet Marketing

As the old saying goes – “content is king”. And what is a web content if not proper Search Engine Optimization. If you have been looking for a SEO expert in Nebraska, your search ends here. We offer you the best solutions for fixing your existing website content or we can create a new website so that you will never lose search traffic again. We use various methods like keywords, blogging, creating backlinks and other ethical methods to make sure your website ranks stand out and remains on the top of the search results. We create content to stand out from your competition.

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Web Design

Planning to gain an online presence? What could be a better way than having your own website. We at Missing Link have an unmatched expertise in creating a presence for you in the online world. Whether it is a blog, portfolio or business website we have solutions for all of them. Web design, maintenance or upgrades we take every project seriously no matter the scale and budget of your project. This means no matter how small or big your dream is, it is of highest priority to us. To top it off we offer you prices that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

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SEO Solutions

Are you startled by the costly thousand dollar SEO plans that other places are offering online, then you have come the right place. At MissingLink we offer you the best SEO services at very reasonable rates to make sure that your website does not get lost in the shuffle due to budget issues. We value you as a client, therefore we follow ethical SEO practices both On and Off page and make sure that you get the best listing in the top three search engines. Your wait for getting your website to the top search results is finally over.

The Best Lincoln Nebraska SEO Company?

Missing Link SEO is an SEO company in Lincoln, Nebraska that has the knowledge and expertise needed to take your website to the top of search results, through using our SEO (search-engine optimization) techniques and internet marketing strategies, we help all of our clients improve their current search engine rankings and convert incoming visitors to reliable clients. Not all of the Nebraska SEO Firms are created equal, the specialists at Missing Link SEO will create a custom SEO strategy to meet your online needs. Are we the best SEO company serving Nebraska? Our clients would say yes, we do know we are the most transparent SEO firm in Nebraska, and more vested in our clients, and our clients long term success than most SEO companies.

We are an exclusive SEO firm and handle no more than a handful of clients at any given time, we do this to make sure that every one of our clients receive the best rankings that we can achieve in any niche. We don’t accept all clients due to we do not take on competing clients in the same niche. We look for SEO clients who have a true desire to build their online presence and understand the internet is more then just a gimmick. SEO services will help a good company become a great company, but a company that really does not have a goal or drive towards the future is doomed to fail. We also like to think we support local businesses that improve the local community we live and work in ourselves. 

SEO Firm Lincoln NE

Questions to Ask Your Lincoln SEO Company Before Signing Up!

Where do you rank for your keywords?

If they've been around a while and been using blackhat SEO techniques on their own site they are more then likely struggling with rankings right about now. However, if they are doing proper SEO they should be on the first page if not at the top of the search results. (do a search of their name with Google to see page title, top blue line of web listing is usually the title)

How do you know an SEO campaign is successful?

If the only way they measure success is by search rankings then your taking a big risk. Getting a website to rank is only the first step, conversions need to be studied and optimized to efficiently convert traffic to customer leads. Some SEO experts believe conversions are not part of their job and that search engine rankings are good enough for you and your company.

Can you provide me a complete list of all the links you build to my site?

A few years ago this might have been an unreasonable request, but in the era of Google penalizing sites for over-optimization it is appropriate. If they are unwilling to provide or at least let you review this list you should walk. Links are easier to add than remove, if they use cheap and dirty tactics you will be left holding the bag when they’re gone.

What examples do you have of content you created to drive traffic for a client?

The name of the game in SEO these days is creating targeted high quality content that receives interactions, likes, shares, and links… naturally. If they can’t provide some examples of quality content you should walk, that means they likely just build low quality links and will eventually end up tanking your site’s link profile & keyword rankings.